Charms of the South

Six weeks on the road and six states  behind us — California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Yesterday, under sunny skies and warm temperatures, we rolled into Alabama.

The sign indicating  the state line was riddled with bullet holes. I hope that is not an omen. We’re spending the next two days enjoying the beach and exploring the trails of Gulf Shores State Park before heading  on to Florida

Entering Alabama

Wednesday for the final leg of this adventure.

The highlight of our excursion to the beautiful city of Baton Rouge, the historic capitol of Louisiana, was lunch Louie’s Diner for catfish po’boys and strawberry smoothies. Delicious!

Our campsite that night at Jim’s Place was a front-row seat onto the Mississippi River. Better yet, it was free for cyclists. The shower was interesting. There were two taps but no shower head. The water shot right out of the wall. I had to stand on tiptoes to wet my hair and face, then direct the flow of water onto the rest of me.

Much of the south is very poor. Mobile homes are everywhere and it looks as though many have been flooded out or destroyed by one of the many storms that come through this part of the States.  It saddens me to see the conditions in which people live. When the home is no longer habitable, or the vehicle driveable, it is simply left in the yard to rot.IMG_20170421_115332

A Day’s Ride with the Over-the-Hill Gang

Leaving Poplarville, Mississippi on Saturday, a group of cyclists sped by. I caught up to them and they invited me to join their ride. This wild bunch, the youngest of whom was 66 and the oldest  well into his 70s were doing the Southern Tier as well. It was great to ride with someone else for a change. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, which ended at Bluff Creek campsite and a swim on the white sandy beach of Bluff Creek with the locals.

Tom, Trish, Kevin, Sam, Annette, Don, me, Ann and Bill
Gourmet lunch  on the road

That night we had a terrible thunderstorm and the rain continued into the next morning. When I got ready to go, the Wild Bunch was already up and out and well down the road.

A swim in Bluff Creek with the locals

4 thoughts on “Charms of the South

    1. Thanks, Don. It has been in the high 80’s. I’m loving the weather and Florida State Parks are beautiful places to camp. but I’m getting homesick. Should be done in a couple of days. How was Penticton?


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