Riding Into the Sun

Hello, Friends!

I am in the library at the Western New Mexico University in Silver City. I apologize for being so late in getting out a blog, but this is truly the first opportunity I’ve had to get decent WiFi.

Two weeks on the road have taken me more than 1,200k from San Diego, through the California desert, to Arizona and now into New Mexico.

It has been a fantastic trip. We had the best ribs EVER at Bobby Q’s in Phoenix, the best beer (so far) from Four Peaks Brewing in Arizona, watched the Dodgers play the Brewers, seen the most incredible wild western vistas and met some wonderful people. I’ve crossed the Continental Divide, passed through the great sand dunes. And tomorrow, I climb over Emory Pass, at more than 8,000 feet, the highest point on this trip.

Some days have been hotter ‘n Hades while other times I am fully in my longs and still chilly.   I’ll try to capture some of the people I’ve met and the things I’ve experienced so far in the photos below:

This last photo, of me with Donald Trump is “fake news.”

Until next time, keep well, and get me back on my bike!


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